grapefruit.jpg What Makes It So Great!
Our grapefruit are “GREATFRUIT” for many reasons. First of all, our red grapefruit are grown, of course, in Texas! And, Texas has the distinction of being the home of RED grapefruit varieties. It started in 1929 when a Ruby Red was found growing on a pink grapefruit tree.

Since that time, Texas scientists have developed even deeper red varieties (Rio Star and Ruby-Sweet) with that distinctly sweet taste and juiciness that people have come to expect from Texas. As a matter of fact, our fruit is so sweet, you just have to eat it to believe it!

What also makes us special is that our grapefruit is grown in the semi-tropical area known as the Rio Grande Valley near the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Our citrus groves benefit from the rich delta soils irrigated by the Rio Grande River and the warmer temperatures that come from being one of the most southernmost parts of the United States. The high humidity in this coastal area also produces a very thin-skinned and extremely juicy (heavy for its size) piece of fruit.

Because our grapefruit is grown near the Texas coast, sometimes the Gulf breezes do cause surface scarring on the peel. These “beauty marks” are only on the outside and do not affect the inside quality at all.

Here at the Edinburg Citrus Association, we also test our fruit to make sure it meets our high standard of sweetness and juiciness before it’s packed in our recognizable labels. Plus, we leave it on the tree until it is ordered to insure the freshest fruit for the customer. It’s our goal to pack the WOW! in every carton of our fruit.

fruit basketMerchandise and Increase Grapefruit Sales!
Texas RED grapefruit is certainly unique. With its deep, dark red interior and sweet flavor, our grapefruit has become a consumer favorite. The high flavor profile of our sweet red grapefruit is a key benefit for attracting new users.

Display both bulk and bagged Texas RED grapefruit for a good mix.

Bagged grapefruit lifts overall sales up to 30%. Mass displays of grapefruit in various packages and presentations; bulk, bags, or baskets can increase sales.

A graphic bin also catches the consumer’s attention and creates a perceived value.

Remember that eye appeal is “buy” appeal. Always have cut Texas RED grapefruit on the display. Just by doing this, sales can increase 5 to 10%.

The color will attract the consumer’s attention but it’s great taste will bring them back for more.

fruit cupInclude Texas RED grapefruit in various salad promotions. It adds to the nutritional value of the salad not to mention increasing the interest. Bagged salads and sweet dressing round out the mix. Since Texas RED Grapefruit doesn’t need to be held below 50 degrees, a secondary display can be built in front of the refrigerated salad rack.

Texas RED Grapefruit can be merchandised with tropical, deciduous or stone fruit. It can be paired with any or all of the sweet berries in season. Promote these fruits as a salad item.

Or suggest a special dessert idea by merchandising with various individual pie shells, shortcakes, or crepes along with fruit glazes and whipped topping.

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